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Rome Italy

Is Rome, the city of 7 hills really wheelchair accessible? There are some good addresses and tips to make your stay in Rome more pleasant. There are accessible bus tours of the main attractions of the city for about 25 euros a day The Vatican city State is also particularly concerned about people with reduced mobility and offers a more suitable way to visit the city in a wheelchair.

Rome is one of the cities in Europe with the largest number of accommodations (more than 700 accessible hotels) to people with reduced mobility. Book your hotel in Rome at the best price and make sure of its accessibility by checking the "facilities for disabled guests" option in our search tool.

Paris France

Many places in Paris have received the symbol "Tourism & Handicap" which ensures a high level of accessibility. You can find all the addresses of the museums and monuments adapted to Paris on the website of tourism in Paris as well as the discounts offered to disabled people. Book your hotel in Paris at the best price and make sure of its accessibility by clicking on the "facilities for disabled guests" option, we have referenced more than 680 accessible hotels and accommodations in Paris.

London United Kingdom

London is a cosmopolitan city, adapted to abled or disabled people. It provides suitable guided tours, adapted toilets, shops and adapted hotels. You can spend a beautiful holiday and discover an exceptional city that attracts millions of tourists from all over the world every year. More than 450 accessible hotels are available. Book your hotel in London at the best price and make sure it is accessible by checking the "facilities for disabled guests" option.

Berlin Germany

Berlin is a very flat city; it is perfect for people in wheelchairs or those who might find it difficult to walk on steep streets. Hundreds of hotels are accessible to them in Berlin. The Berlin Zoo is perfect for both young and old, as well as the main parks of the city and the many museums in Berlin. Book your hotel in Berlin at the best price and make sure it is accessible by checking the "facilities for disabled guests" option. We have selected more than 300 accessible hotels for a perfect holiday in Berlin.

Prague Czech Republic

More and more places and attractions are accessible to disabled people in Prague. Private societies exist but you can manage your own trip to Prague.

The historical center is globally accessible. That is the reason why we advise you to stay in that part of the city which is also the nicest one. Book your hotel in Prague at the best price and check its accessibility by clicking on the « facilities for disabled guests » option in our search tool.

Vienna Austria

Vienna is a must see tourist destination probably because the inhabitants do their best to welcome the visitors from all over the world. They offer them the best comfort with the best accessibility to the hotels, attractions, theatres, opera, cinemas, restaurants and public transports.

Discover Vienna and book your hotel at the best price. Check its accessibility by clicking the «facilities for disabled guests » option in our search tool

Munich Germany

When you think about Munich you think about its castles in Bavaria, the beer festival, the FC Bayern club or the Romantic Road. Munich is a beautiful city and Bavaria a very beautiful region. It attracts millions of travellers. Munich museums, hotels or even public transports are accessible for disabled people, regardless of the type of disability. Book your hotel in Munich at the best price from our selection of over 100 accessible accommodation possibilities available in Munich. To find out which accommodations are available, check the "facilities for disabled guests" option in our search tool.

Montpellier France

Montpellier is not only accessible for tourists with reduced mobility but also and in priority for its disabled inhabitants. According to the mayor of Montpellier "being able to move around and finding somewhere to live is essential" We agree with him. Montpellier encourages storekeepers to adapt their shops to wheelchair users. Montpellier also regularly analyses the current situation of accessibility for any type of disability in order to identify any possible improvements. Book your hotel in Montpellier at the best price and make sure it is accessible by checking the "facilities for disabled guests" option. More than 50 accessible hotels are available in Montpellier.

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